Thursday, July 20, 2017

Slow week

I feel like I have nothing to share this week. I did finish the circles and X's from last week, have almost finished quilting the green silk piece and have five others ready to quilt, but no pictures of any of it.

Weekly Stitching
Signs of Life:The five universal shapes

2017 Daily Stitching#2  days 38-44

Lots more french knots.

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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Stitching circles and X's

This week I've been finishing up the quilting on this top.

I machine stitched circles around each colored circle and also at the intersection of each block. Now I'm hand stitching a circle inside each colored circle and X's on the connecting lines.

Only 3 more circles to go, then the facing, sleeve, label and I'll be done. 

I also made one more top from leftover scraps, these were gelli printed circles that had been cut into quarters and reassembled. This is the original that the leftovers were from.

Circles and Curves

 I've added some red borders and a circle print to make it bigger.

I now have six tops ready to quilt, I guess that's what I should do next. I have backings for each one, bindings ready to go and plenty of batting, the motivation is the only thing missing.

Weekly Stitching
Signs of Life: the five universal shapes week #28

2017 Daily Stitching #2 days 31-37

More background done and a couple of new shapes.

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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Sewing together scraps

It has been hot here, hovering around 100 degrees (F) and projected to go over that today. I've been staying cool in my air conditioned sewing studio until almost 5pm then head out to the local pool to take an hour of water aerobics. The water feels so good.

One of my favorite things to do is to sew scraps together, I refer to it as mindless sewing and it's a great way to spend these hot days and to get rid of some of my stash. The scraps end up as quilt tops, I switch gears and do some simple quilting and then donate them. Some go to a children's cancer treatment center and others go to a local relief nursery or Project Linus. So my design wall has been busy this week. Here is how it looked at the start of the week.
The green one came down and up went a very colorful one.
Here's some closeup shots.

Then the cyanotype prints on the left came down and up went another in red, white and blue.
A few more blue strips were added to it and now it looks like this.
I have another pile of scraps in green and beige, but I think I'll make backings and quilt these first.

Weekly Stitching
Signs of Life: the five universal shapes.
Week #27

2017 Daily Stitching #2 days 24-30
   More french knots

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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Wet Cyanotype, Soy Wax Paste and Pole Wrapped Shibori

If you look at the title of my post you might wonder what all those have in common. They are all done on fabric and I did them all this past week. I'm beginning to think that at age 70 I've got attention deficit disorder because I'm just bouncing from one project to the next.

First I used up the pretreated cyanotype fabric that I had. The first pictures are of the finished pieces that I showed in process last week, the last picture is all the ones I've done.

I'm loving these, it's easy and unpredictable to a certain extent which definitely appeals to me. I found that I really had to get them quite wet and if I put them out early in the morning most of the process happened before they dried out. The big difference between these and regular cyanotype is the chemicals on the background react differently when wet and instead of a solid dark blue it produces a mottled background of sometimes unexpected colors. I will do more but I want to do some planning on how I want to use them instead of just randomly printing. I will probably keep this group together as one with a sashing in-between the blocks.

So, while going thru my fabrics trying to find something that would work for the sashing I pulled out several pieces of green pole wrapped shibori that had been languishing on the bottom of the tote for several years. A sudden burst of inspiration and a few hours later I had this.
It's about 50 " square and used almost every bit of the fabric.

Next up was soy wax paste. This is a product that Jane Dunnewold has produced and of course I had to buy some after I saw this video of Jane demonstrating it.
My first try was not very successful, although in the video it said you could use regular newspaper to steam the piece I found that the print came off onto my fabric. Second try was much more successful.
I used stencils that I had cut for my weekly stitching, on  a silk noil background and kept it very simple.
Originally I had planned on doing more shapes in the background, but then decided since the Fourth of July is coming, I kept it red, white and blue.

Weekly Stitching
Signs of Life:The five universal shapes.
Week #26

Last week was also Fiddle week here in town and that week is also yard sale week, seems like there are yard sales everywhere. I made one purchase, a bag of pearl cotton balls for $1.
There was one green in the bag that I didn't already have, so that one got used in my daily stitching.

2017 Daily Stitching #2 days 17-23

I also started quilting the hand dyed circles over dyed with indigo, with more circles. Now I'm contemplating what to do next.

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Thursday, June 22, 2017

A new obsession; wet cyanotype

A few days ago I stumbled upon a youtube video on wet cyanotype (blueprint) and thought it was very interesting even though it was done on paper. Then yesterday Sue Reno posted on her blog about her experiments with it on fabric and I knew I had to try it. While you check out her blog be sure to look at all the wonderful regular cyanotypes she does, she is a real master. So I got out some of my leaves, some treated fabric, a spray bottle of water and started to play. Both the youtube video and Sue said to leave the prints out for 24 hours rather than the usual 10 minutes, my first two were out for about 18 hours, the third one this morning was only out for 6 hours. I now have three more out and I'm going to do my best to be patient and wait for 24 hours.  The basic process is to take the treated fabric, put an image (the leaf) on it, cover with glass and let it sit in the sun. In wet cyanotype the treated fabric gets wet. I sprayed water on both the plastic under the fabric and on the glass before I covered the fabric. My fabric dried out so instead of waiting 24 hours I went ahead and rinsed and dried it.

Under the glass, out in the sun.

 finished print after rinsing and drying
This one was done on treated magenta fabric

This mornings experiment was done the same way, except I wanted to see what it would look like with even shorter time. I forgot to take a picture of it under glass, but here's how it looks now. It was cooler this morning than yesterday afternoon so it didn't dry out as fast.

The three that I've got out in the sun are looking pretty good, but I'm going to be patient and wait. I may add more water if they dry out. It's hot, breezy and low humidity so it's hard to keep things damp.
This one is on green pretreated fabric.

This one I sprayed the water directly on the fabric.

This one is on turquoise pretreated fabric.
I'll show you what happens in the next post. You can see more on Instagram at #wetcyan.

I've sewn together the hand dyed fabrics that were over dyed with indigo and am trying to decide how to quilt it.

Weekly Stitching
Signs of Life: The five universal shapes
week #25

the first 25 weeks of the year

2017 Daily Stitching #2 days 10-16

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