Thursday, May 18, 2017

2017 Total Solar Eclipse

The big news around Weiser is that we are in the center of the path of totality for the solar eclipse that is happening on August 21. Last week there was an informational meeting at the High School put on by a couple of professors in the field of astronomy, one from Boise and one from Berkeley. It was a very interesting meeting and the really big concern is the impact it will have on our area. Weiser is a small town on the very western edge of Idaho, our population is about 5500. The experts are expecting between 50 and 60 thousand people to come to the area to view the eclipse. That's a lot of people! We have two small motels, a couple of small campgrounds, a handful of small restaurants, a small temporary grocery store and the two roads in and out of Weiser are two lane roads. So naturally there is a lot of planning and preparation going on. The extra bedrooms at my house have already been claimed by some of my children and grandchildren. I have eight pairs of eclipse viewing glasses. You can get more eclipse information here.

Weekly Stitching
Signs of Life: the five universal shapes week #20

The first 20 weeks of the year

2017 daily stitching days #132-138

Back to french knots and background stitches

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Thursday, May 11, 2017

SAQA auction donation done and mailed

Finished the stitching on the SAQA donation, put a facing and sleeve on, labeled it and mailed it.

I also finished dying the fabric for the chair reupholster, took it in and scheduled the process. It won't be started until mid August, but I'm okay with that since I've already procrastinated for a long time.

Weekly Stitching
Signs of Life: The five universal shapes  week #19

2017 Daily stitching days 125-131

More french knots and filler stitches.

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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Upholstery fabric, stitching and a kitten update

My big comfy chair that I bought 25 years ago is starting to look its age. I've considered trying to reupholster it myself, but can't seem to get motivated. Lucky for me a young woman in town has started an upholstery business and I'd rather she do it. I have some very heavy weight hemp fabric in two different weaves, a herringbone and nubby almost basketweave. I've bought a piece of printed home dec fabric and have decided to dye the hemp to go with it. I've done samples that are close enough for me.

The hemp fabric frays a lot, so I had to dig out the serger and do the edges. Yesterday I did the mocha  color and I'm happy with it.

Today the blue is in the dye bath, almost ready for rinsing.

The feral kittens are about three weeks old now, eyes are open and they are moving around more, but still sleep huddled up together.

Weekly Stitching Update
Signs of Life: The five universal shapes week #18

This set so far.

2017 daily Stitching  days 117-124
 Lots more french knots

Finally a few more rows of stitching on the SAQA Auction piece.

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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

New Stitching

The deadline for this years SAQA Auction piece is about a month away and I've finally made a decision about what to make this year. I've had a piece that I started last November to demonstrate how my Embellisher worked needle felting fabric to fabric. I used some of the leftover sari silk ribbon from a previous daily project, wove it together and then needle felted it to some raw silk.

It's the right size (12"x12"), so now I'm adding stitches to it.

Weekly Stitching updates
Signs of Life: The five universal shapes Week #17

In my thread stash there were two skeins of Cosmo Seasons variegated floss that are working perfectly for the background.
The lighter one will be used on the square, triangle and spiral. The darker one on the circle and cross. I'm just hoping there's enough of the lighter one. I bought these when I was traveling and have not been able to find any locally. I usually don't use floss, I tend to prefer pearl cotton, but these were just the right colors.

2017 daily Stitching days #111 -116

The part that I have completely stitched is 10 " wide x about 6", more than half of the 10"x10" piece.
I'm finding that I'm spending more time stitching on this than I did doing two daily 4" squares. With the squares I had a daily starting and stopping point, I did the square and was done. With this I just start and keep going until I don't feel like stitching anymore.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Tulips, kittens, yarn and some stitching

We have had a wet cool spring and the tulips are loving it. I have taken a bunch of tulip pictures, they make me happy. I'll share just a few of them.

The resident feral cat that we have not been able to catch and have neutered, just had four kittens. Last year we adopted the two that she had, this year we will be looking for homes. They are almost a week old. Mama had stepped away from them to eat so I snapped a quick picture.

Five years ago on my birthday my wonderful husband surprised me with a huge pile of yarn. I had just been knitting for about a year and the yarn shop where I learned was going out of business. He knew that I was able to get a pair of socks out of one skein of yarn, so he went around the store and picked up about fifteen different skeins. I'm on the last skein of sock yarn, but have several skeins of worsted weight yarn left. None are the same, but I've pulled out the variegated ones. I did this because a pattern for a cardigan sweater caught my eye and I have enough yarn in stock to make it. It will definitely be one of a kind. This is the yarn selection.

I do plan on finishing the pair of socks and the top down seamless pullover sweater I'm currently knitting before I start on this one, but I'm ready!

I was able to spend some time with my very creative friends Lisa Flowers Ross and Kathleen Probst last Friday and to my surprise they both wrote really nice blog posts about my weekly and daily projects. I, on the other hand took only one picture and it was of the tree that was in full white bloom outside Kathleen's studio window and it was snowing.

Weekly stitching
Signs of Life: the five universal shapes

The current group of five will include appliqué along with stitching, all five will be on one piece of grey fabric. The shapes will be appliquéd using rust dyed fabric.

Week #16

This group is going to be much less time consuming than the last one - no french knots!

2017 Daily stitching, days#103-110

I worked on the background this week.

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